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This is most likely going to be - more than anything - a place to dump fic, icons, rants, and various other fandom things. Every now and again there might be something of a personal nature, but probably not often. As such, this won't be friends-locked.

Hopefully nothing will happen in the future to change this because then I'll have to figure out how to actually lock things on this site.

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Jan. 12th, 2012 09:20 am
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And now to change things up by posting some icons. Let's see if you can tell who my favorite in Avengers Academy is. Go on. Guess.

Yep yep. )

Only the first couple issues, but I'll get through them all. I am determine. Also still debating getting an actual comm for these things but... Meh for now. If you like, credit, whatever.
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Finally filled up my personal icons. Yes, they're all Hark! A Vagrant. Look at all the fucks I give.

Boy update: am supposed to see Dan on Saturday. I also have an invite to go up to the Bronx for a sleepover that night, so hopefully I can squeeze in some fun before telling him my NOPE.avi because. No relationship is worth face scabs, even less so if it's not an actual relationship. Discourse on sex here in? Possibly TMI? ) But yes.

In other news, I have been feeling... Crazy tired all this week. Between shitty sleep schedules, bonkers dreams, and urge to curl up and everything just. Yeargh. I kind of hate it. A lot. /flops around like a fish
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As expected - the new year was rung in with mucho style. ...Also drugs and alcohol, but. Yes. Fun was had by all, especially myself. There were kitties and movies and mansions and alcohol and billiards and a composite bow. Don't ask. Staten Island just parties super hard. I did not make an ass out of myself (minus some inappropriate hand-holding and hair-scritching, but I am Not Talking About That, Thank You, because I already definitely hate myself for it enough).

Last year in review was... It was pretty good overall. I've really gotten back in the swing of hanging out with people, I've tried a lot of new things, seen some awesome new movies, and I think my writing has improved somewhat. My resolutions of the year were to get a job and a boyfriend, both of which I accomplished! I just... Didn't end up keeping them. But the experiences are permanent bonuses, so. Yes.

And then the new resolutions!

- find/keep a decent and steady job (again)
- find/keep a decent and steady guy (again)
- call family members at least once a month
- get and keep house clean
- stay in school

It's basic stuff, but. I need it. So bring it on, 2012. Please don't let everything go back in the shitter with this apocalypse thing.
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Okay, so things have much improved since last post! I'm feeling slightly better health-wise, and my somewhat holiday spirit has been soothed with retail therapy.

Have gone shopping with dad and brother since Christmas, and have gotten a few things: Swag under here )

Then there was the new microwave for the kitchen, and new flat screen tv for the living room, so. I'm feeling better, and I refuse to feel selfish for feeling better because the prices on most of these were RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. I fucking love Telco and K-Mart, fuck the hipster haters. There are some things that have to go back for being too small, but whatever.

As for the date, it went well! French toast at a diner, then driving and talking, then hanging out and talking, and serious making out without talking. Took him a while to finally getting around to kiss me (I never kiss first, idk, it's a fear of rejection thing), but he certainly wasn't bad at it. I'm not crazy attracted to him, but I do miss being in a relationship and I do miss the physical so. Pretty sure this is definitely going to be a short term thing and I don't feel bad about that at all. If Dan brings the conversation up or drops the "l" bomb, I'll be honest with him, but. Til then, he's not said as much and I know I haven't. So. Course, I might have to discuss his shaving habits because pretty sure his stubble rubbed my chin kinda raw.

New Year's is set to be totally freaking awesome because guess where I'm going to be partying? That's right - a mansion. Not just any mansion, either, but the Godfather mansion. As in the one that was used for filming the fucking movie. There will be copious amounts of alcohol, snacks, pool (please god, don't have the movers take the pool table before this weekend), card games, and a margarita machine. Also Jae! At least assuming that the roads remain unsnowed and passable until Friday. /KNOCKS ON WOOD 8||||
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This Christmas kind of really really blew majorly.

Because under here are feelings that no one needs to see. )

awieufawoekfanwlefhafuklafnma ugh ugh ugh and now I hate myself for whining about all of this. Ugh. Okay. Focusing on positives.

- Dad has promised shopping for gifts tomorrow so presents will happen.
- I have a date on Tuesday.
- Jae is going to be driving down to hang out for New Year's.
- I will be celebrating New Year's with copious feel good things in a fucking mansion with all my friends.
- Dad promised to bring home leftovers, and failing that - to buy more rainbow cookies from the bakery.

So. Just have to focus on those things instead of the other things, and. Yes.
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Title: Powers of observation.
Word Count: 2,184
Rating: PG

Characters: Loki, Thor, Sif, Frigg, Odin, Fandral, Volstagg, Heimdall
Pairing: Some super subtle Sif/Loki implications? Idk.
Summary: Written as a fill to a prompt on [ profile] norsekink - "5 times that someone should have realised Loki was a frost giant and one time someone did but didn't say anything." With some edits because I can never be happy with what I write. Herp derp.

If you've a wish to continue in your pursuit of looking like a pig as well as acting one, please don't allow my wardrobe to dissuade you. )

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So yeah, I'm. Pretty much done with LJ now. It kind of bites because this is coming up on my five year anniversary with the site (holy shit, feeling old for a minute), and I do have paid time left on both Bruce's and Loki's accounts over there, and it was gifted to me... But. No. It's practically unusable, far as I'm concerned and. Well. Nope.

I know it's a fresh change, and I know that things might not stay this way, but. Even if it all gets rolled back, the disregard is ridiculous. It's basically how Mattie puts it in True Grit: "If I am paying, then I will have my way. Why do you think I am paying you if not to have my way?" And it might sound childish at first, but it's really, really not. I pay for a service - that service is not up to the standard I require - I do not keep frequent that service again.

I'm going to stick around to see what happens, and I hope that Singularity comes over, but. If it doesn't, then it doesn't. And I'll find a new sandbox to play in. Of course, the rest of you are still stuck with me. And are going to be stuck with me. So. INTERNET PEOPLE LET ME CLING TO YOU ALL. other news, my butt is being pretty gassy, and am pretty sure I have a splinter in my finger.

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